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This is the wiki page for the mini-polymath2 project, which seeks solutions to a question from the 2011 International Mathematical Olympiad.

The project will start at around July 19 (time to be announced later), and will be hosted at the polymath blog. A discussion thread will be hosted at Terry Tao's blog.


This project will follow the usual polymath rules. In particular:

  • Everyone is welcome to participate, though people who have already seen an external solution to the problem should probably refrain from giving spoilers throughout the experiment.
  • This is a team effort, not a race between individuals. Rather than work for extended periods of time in isolation from the rest of the project, the idea is to come up with short observations (or to carry an observation of another participant further) and then report back what one gets to the rest of the team. Partial results or even failures can be worth reporting.
  • Participants are encouraged to update the wiki, or to summarise progress within threads, for the benefit of others. (In particular, linking between the wiki and specific comments on the blogs is highly encouraged.)


Discussion and planning:

The question


Observations and partial results

  • None yet.

Possible strategies

  • None yet.

World records

  • None yet.

Completed solutions

  • None yet.