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Biweekly links for 04/27/2009

by Michael Nielsen on April 27, 2009
  • Keeping Abreast of Pornographic Research in Computer Science – Steve Hanov’s Technology Blog
    • Useful (and funny) overview of the approaches taken by companies like Google in figuring out what pages contain porn, and what don’t.
  • Building the SENSEable City – O’Reilly Radar
    • “Well, for the urban planners, there is a big, big revolution going on. What happens today is that policies and plans are thought by assumptions. And their effects and imports can be evaluated only after a long time that they are implemented because, again as it was seen before, gathering this information is expensive. It’s costly. It’s cumbersome. So it’s really impossible to get this information in real-time. What is going to happen is that instead of planning the city, the urban planners would actually have to program the city, to configure [it] in real-time because information will flow in real-time. So if you change the direction of the one-way road, you will see almost immediately what the effect on traffic is. If you close an area to cars, you can see immediately what will happen into the mobility in general. And if you create public spaces in a place rather than another, you will see immediately how people will react to that. “

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