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Biweekly links for 10/16/2009

by Michael Nielsen on October 16, 2009
  • Galaxy Zoo Blog » Down the pub with Alaskans*
    • Galaxy Zoo is, of course, a nice way of solving this problem: “The way we run a traditional science class is as if we were trying to teach students how to play soccer (football) by showing them videotapes of matches, without ever letting them play the game.

      But it’s even worse than that! We tell them about the results of science as knowledge, which is like teaching about football by showing them highlight reels of spectacular goals, without showing them the careful match strategy – not to mention years of practice – that goes into creating those goals.”

  • Marginal Revolution: Refuting this post helps confirm it
    • Super peer review: “Chess players who train with computers are much stronger for it. They test their intuitions and receive rapid feedback as to what works, simply by running their program. People who learn economics through the blogosphere also receive feedback, especially if they sample dialogue across a number of blogs of differing perspectives. The feedback comes from which arguments other people found convincing. Do the points you wanted to hold firm on, or cede, correspond to the evolution of the dialogue? This feedback is not as accurate as Rybka but it’s an ongoing test of your fluid intelligence and your ability to revise your opinion.

      Not many outsiders understand what a powerful learning mechanism the blogosphere has set in place.”

  • Stitching science together : Nature
    • Cameron Neylon on Google Wave.
  • Massively collaborative mathematics
    • Nature opinion piece about the Polymath Project, open source mathematics, and open science.

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