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Biweekly links for 12/14/2009

by Michael Nielsen on December 14, 2009
  • Conversation Hackers
    • Article about online trolling. Uneven, but worth skimming and dipping in and out: “But what really happens in the virtual lobbies of the Flat Earth Society is more twisted. There is probably not a single sincere proponent of Flat Earth Theory on the whole site. Rather, the forum seems to have been designed as a gigantic Troll bait. The presence of Trolls is openly acknowledged on the forum, as some important moderators of the site, Flatters and Rounders alike, have been unmasked. They have been spotted on hacked private forums, where they were boasting about their hoax. Apparently, the ‘Flat-Earthers’ who created the site were really Trolls who planned to attract Round-earthers, and confound them with silly arguments. Instead, other Trolls showed up and began arguing for both positions.”
  • Zooniverse
    • The Zooniverse launches! A home for the ever-growing suite of projects inspired by Galaxy Zoo.
  • Open source hardware 2009 – The definitive guide to open source hardware projects in 2009
    • Make Magazine’s extensive guide to open source hardware.

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