Biweekly links for 12/25/2009

  • Let’s make language exams useful « Secret Blogging Seminar
    • David Speyer has what looks like a viable proposal for crowdsourcing translation of mathematical texts.
  • Median age of NIH grantholders
    • Stunning graph: the median age has increased by nearly half a year per year for the past 35 years.
  • How to Teach Physics to Your Dog Is Out Today! : Uncertain Principles
    • Chad Orzel’s book, long awaited by canines and their owners everywhere, is now out! I saw an early draft of part of the book, and thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s great to see a book by someone who understands quantum mechanics thoroughly, and who can explain it so clearly, correctly, and entertainingly!
  • Seth’s blog » Blog Archive » What’s Appreciative Thinking?
    • “To learn appreciative thinking is to learn to appreciate, to learn to see the value of things. More or less the opposite of critical thinking.

      That I had to make up a phrase shows the problem. I have complained many times about an overemphasis on critical thinking at universities. Sometimes I’d say, “Have you ever heard the term appreciative thinking? No? How many times have you heard the term critical thinking?””

  • Steal These Books –
    • “With the recession, shoplifting is on the rise, according to booksellers. At BookPeople in Austin, Tex., the rate of theft has increased to approximately one book per hour. I asked Steve Bercu, BookPeople’s owner, what the most frequently stolen title was.

      “The Bible,” he said, without pausing.”

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