Errata for “Reinventing Discovery”

p4: Midpage, I write “For links to GenBank and other resources, see the `Notes on Sources,’ starting on page 347.” The end of the sentence should read “see the `Notes,’ starting on page 221.”

p82: On the fourth line of the page, the sentence beginning “In part 2 of this book…” should read “In part 1 of this book…”.

p231: In the note for page 135 I write “Note that the galaxy images seen by the Zooites are in false color, and the `green peas’ are actually closer to red”. This is incorrect, it should state that the green peas are actually blue/white.

Back cover: Tyler Cowen’s endorsement begins “This is the book on how networks will drive a revolution in scientific discovery…”. In this sentence the word `the‘ is supposed to be emphasized.

Thanks to Rick Nowell for providing a correction.

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