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by Michael Nielsen on October 19, 2004

Work has been very intense the past few weeks, resulting in an unforseen blog hiatus. Perhaps unfortunately, depending on your point of view, I’m all stocked up on frivolous links:

  • Extreme ironing
  • My favourite idea for an extreme sport – extreme dating – appears to have been made into a rather poor movie.
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics response to the 2001 campaign to get people to write in “Jedi” as their religion on the census. My favourite bit is this:

    ABS recognises that people have a wide range of belief systems

    If your belief system is “Jedi” then answer as such on the census form. But if you would normally answer Anglican or Jewish or Buddhist or something else to the question “what is your religion?” and for the census you answer “Jedi” then this may impact on social services provision if enough people do the same.

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