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Introductory lecture notes on quantum information and computation

Eight introductory lectures on quantum information and computation, given at the University of Queensland Quantum Information and Computation Summer School (QICSS) in 2002.

The lectures are provided in powerpoint and pdf. Powerpoint is preferable, since that way the animations will be visible. Most files
are a few hundred kilobytes. Some small changes have been made in the pdf versions to accommodate the lack of animation, so they display better. A rough text for the lectures is also provided. I’ve been told that a good way of going through the lectures is to print out the text, and read it while paging through the powerpoint. I haven’t tried this method myself.

Reuse: Feel free to reuse the lectures in whole or part, provided it’s not for profit, and Michael A. Nielsen’s authorship is acknowledged. All lectures are copyright 2002 and 2003 by Michael A. Nielsen.

[pdf] A rough text for the lectures. (201 pages, 60000 words, 1.3 megabytes).

[pdf,ppt]: Opening of the summer school

[pdf,ppt]: Quantum Mechanics I

[pdf,ppt]: Quantum Mechanics II

[pdf,ppt]: Computer Science

pdf,ppt]: Introduction to Quantum Computing

[pdf,ppt]: Quantum Noise

[pdf,ppt]: Entropy

[pdf,ppt]: Entanglement

[pdf,ppt]: Miscellaneous Lecture

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Last update April 8, 2005.

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