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by Michael Nielsen on December 10, 2004

A few years back John Horgan published a provocative book “The End of Science”. Here’s Phil Anderson’s take on it. (Anderson, for those who don’t know, was probably the leading condensed matter physicist of the twentieth century.)

David Harris points me to Symmetry Magazine, now in its second issue.

More thoughtful commentary on the US elections from physicist Carl Caves.

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  1. Chris W. permalink

    I’m quite sure that Phil Anderson is still very much alive. Some readers may have misinterpreted your brief explanation of his significance in 20th century physics.

  2. Michael Nielsen permalink

    Heh. Indeed, I guess my comment might be misinterpreted that way. He is, indeed, alive and well: one of the more memorable experiences of my 2004 was seeing Anderson give the after-dinner speech at a conference on many-body physics in Santa Fe.

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