Biweekly links for 03/06/2009

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  1. Michael, thanks for another outstanding round-up! I especially enjoyed Peter Norvig’s remarks on the (non-existent) “End of Theory.”

    If we construe “theory” broadly, as encompassing all forms of informatic model order reduction (and is there any other good way to construe it?), then we are indeed in the midst of a Golden Era of Theory.

    However, I have found it is remarkably challenging to find good quotes that make this point. At present my database has only a link to an extended praise of Fermi Rules that begins on page 112 of Ed Magrab’s Integrated Product and Process Design and Development, which can be read on Google Books.

    Can provide a better quotation? C’mon … we’re in the middle of a Golden Age of Theory!


    @book{Author = {Edward B. Magrab},Publisher = {CRC Press},Title = {Integrated Product and Process Design and Development},Year = {1997}}

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