Biweekly links for 06/01/2009

  • Condensed concepts
    • Ross McKenzie’s excellent blog on condensed matter physics.
  • Square root of x divided by zero: The speed, size and dependability of programming languages
    • Terrrific visualizations comparing the performance and expressivity of different programming languages. Python (with Psyco) does extremely well: extremely expressive, and decent performance. OCAML is faster, and nearly as expressive.
  • Reed Elsevier Annual Report 2008
    • Revenue for their science-technology-medicine publishing division, Elsevier, was 1700 mill (up 4% at constant currencies), with a profit of 568 mil (up 11% at constant currencies). Elsevier makes up 32% of Reed-Elsevier’s revenue, and 41% of their profit. Amounts appear to be in pounds sterling(?)
  • Kalenjin people – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • “The Kalenjin have been called by some “the running tribe.”… From 1980 on, about 40% of the top honors available to men in international athletics at these distances (Olympic medals, World Championships medals, and World Cross Country Championships honors) have been earned by Kalenjin.”
  • Google Wave API – Google Code

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