Subtle Technologies

If you’re interested in art and science, and live in or near Toronto, then you might enjoy the Subtle Technologies Festival. It’s being held June 10-14 at Innis Town Hall in Toronto, and there are still a few tickets available. In particular, you might want to attend the Symposium (June 12-14). I expect to attend for most of the Symposium, and will be giving a talk on mass collaboration. Here’s the blurb from the Festival organizers – there’s much more at the website:

For 5 days in June, an impressive line up of scientists, designers and new media artists will journey from around the world to gather and share innovations at the 12th annual Subtle Technologies Festival.

This year’s festival is inspired by Networks of all kinds: neural, biological, genetic, virtual, social and dynamic. What will our ubiquitously networked, computer-driven future look like? How can we tell compelling stories through social networks? Take a closer look at the internal networks that drive our every action.

True to this year’s theme, the Subtle Technologies Festival will simultaneously take place at The University of Toronto’s Innis Town Hall, and in the seductive and animated virtual network, “Second Life”, where people from around the globe will engage with the festival via a live feed.

Join artists, designers and scientists who will share their work through 5 days and evenings of workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and performances. Learn how artists make art from bacteria, tell stories through social networks, use open source software to distribute multimedia, attend network-based performances from around the globe, and attend a networking evening of music and mingling.