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Biweekly links for 10/09/2009

by Michael Nielsen on October 9, 2009
  • Remix of Out of Control
    • Wonderful: someone has taken Kevin Kelly’s book “Out of Control” and done a substantive remix. I think the original book is an extraordinary work of prophecy, but also agree with the person doing the remix: the original is long-winded and lacks focus. This remix looks to solve those problems.
  • The Oldest Living Things in the World
    • Rachel Sussman’s excellent blog describing her travels around the world to find the oldest living things in the world.
  • What Do Mathematicians Need to Know About Blogging? II | The n-Category Café
    • Nice short piece by John Baez on mathematics and blogging.
  • The best Halloween trick ever
    • “I grew up in a college town, and one Halloween our doorbell rang and we opened the door expecting to see trickortreaters– but what was in front of our open door–was another door! Like, a full-on wooden door, that had a sign that said “Please knock.” So we did, and the door swung open to reveal a bunch of college dudes dressed as really old grandmothers, curlers in their hair, etc, who proceeded to coo over our “costumes” and tell us we were “such cute trick or treaters!” One even pinched my cheek. Then THEY gave US candy, closed their door, picked it up and walked to the next house.”
  • Twitter Data Analysis: An Investor’s Perspective
    • “# Twitter’s user growth is no longer accelerating. The rate of new user acquisition has plateaued at around 8 million per month.
      # Over 14% of users don’t have a single follower, and over 75% of users have 10 or fewer followers.
      # 38% of users have never sent a single tweet, and over 75% of users have sent fewer than 10 tweets.
      # 1 in 4 registered users tweets in any given month.
      # Once a user has tweeted once, there is a 65% chance that they will tweet again. After that second tweet, however, the chance of a third tweet goes up to 81%.
      # If someone is still tweeting in their second week as a user, it is extremely likely that they will remain on Twitter as a long-term user.
      # Users who joined in more recent months are less likely to stop using the service and more likely to tweet more often than users from the past.”
  • Homicidal somnambulism: a case report
    • Fascinating: “A case of a homicide and an attempted homicide during presumed sleepwalking is reported in which somnambulism was the legal defense and led to an acquittal. Other possible explanations including complex partial seizures, dissociative state, rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder and volitional waking behavior are discussed. The evidence supporting the probability that this act occurred during an episode of somnambulism and sleep-related confusional arousal is reviewed and weighed.”
  • Social engineering-Knowledge Database
    • “apt-get for hardware… SKDB is a method for sharing hardware over the internet. By “hardware” we mean not just designs for circuit boards, but also biological constructs, scientific instruments, machine tools, nuts and bolts, raw materials, and how to make them. “

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