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Biweekly links for 11/06/2009

by Michael Nielsen on November 6, 2009
  • Lo and Behold: the Internet
    • “Forty years ago today, a team led by Leonard Kleinrock typed the “Lo” of “Login” into a Stanford computer, which promptly crashed before the command could be entered. But because Kleinrock’s team was sending this message from a UCLA machine, he had just taken part in one of the great milestones in communication history.”
  • iGEM 2009: In the thick of it. – synthesis
    • Rob Carlson on current progress in synthetic biology.
  • The Public Terabyte Dataset project « Elastic Web Mining | Bixolabs
    • “This is a high quality crawl of top web sites, using AWS’s Elastic Map Reduce, Concurrent’s Cascading workflow API, and Bixolab’s elastic web mining platform.

      Hosting for the resulting dataset will be provided by Amazon in S3, and freely available to all EC2 users.

      In addition, the code used to create and process the dataset will be available for download”

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  1. Troy McConaghy permalink

    On October 30, Ira Flatow had Leonard Kleinrock on Science Friday (the weekly NPR show) to tell the story of that first transmission over the ‘net. You can probably hear the interview on the SciFri podcast.

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