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by Michael Nielsen on April 5, 2004

A substantial overhaul to the blogroll, for whatever it’s worth. I’ll give plugs to the new additions:

First, I’ve finally added some conservative blogs, Dan Drezner and the Volokh Conspiracy. Well worth reading, at least in this liberal reader’s opinion. I find most conservative blogs unreadable; these are welcome exceptions.

Second, I’ve added Sean Carroll’s new blog, which is the first blog I’ve seen with regular posts on astrophysics. (I’ve also made use of Sean’s online notes on general relativity, which I found quite useful. I understand he’s now the author of a text on a subject, which I plan to check out soon.)

Other additions include Jim Henley (libertarian politics, comics and fitness), Bill Tozier (complexity, personal stuff, weird stuff), and Jonathan Kleid (quantum computing). All worth checking out.

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