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Changing my routine: a 4-week trial

by Michael Nielsen on February 18, 2008

I’m partway through a pretty major change in my creative focus at the moment. As part of this, I’m trialling some changes in my routine, over the four weeks from Mon Feb 11 through to Sun Mar 9. This is in part to trial how these new elements of my routine will go, and in part to help in building new habits. I’m posting about it here in order to up my commitment to the trial; I’ll also post an evaluation once I’m done. I’d also be very interested to hear about other people’s experiences in changing their routines.

Note that all quantities are per week, and, of course, this list is far from all I’m doing each week – part of the point is to see how these things integrate with everything else I’m doing.

  • 3000 words published on my blog, including at least one substantive essay.
  • 500 lines changed (either added, deleted, or edited) in my draft book “The Future of Science”.
  • 10 hours work on Academic Reader.
  • 3 hours learning new APIs.
  • 4 hours of vigorous exercise.

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  1. According to lifehacker, you might find Traineo interesting.

    Which APIs are you planning on learning?

  2. DM: Thanks for the tip on Traineo, looks interesting. You might find John Walker’s hacker’s diet interesting. Walker was the founder of AutoDesk.

    On APIs: I’m still mastering many points of Ruby and Rails. When I get bored with those, I usually switch to learning more about emacs, or bash, or more generally *nix (I mostly run Ubuntu). And then there’s loads more things I’d like to learn about, but don’t yet have time; I’m quite new to all of this.

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