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A moment of creative genius

by Michael Nielsen on April 20, 2008

I’ve been feeling quite pleased with myself for getting the weblogger emacs mode working, giving me a simple way to post directly from emacs, without logging into my blogging software (WordPress).

That is, I was feeling pleased until this morning, when a cut-and-paste error made in weblogger mode resulted in me posting my blog password to the front page of my blog. It was only online for a few seconds, and I changed the password immediately, but it’s not exactly a shining moment…

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  1. Sean permalink

    For a moment there, from the title of your post, I thought you had an exciting new result in quantum gravity or fault tolerance.

    Unfortunately I don’t even understand 90% of what you actually wrote.

  2. In English: I accidentally posted by blog password for all the world to see, for about 30 seconds, before changing it and deleting the post…

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