1. This weblog looks promising but has already contained something which is (for me) a prime marker of carelessness: a “Dread Apostrophe.”

    “Saturn is less dense than water? >>It’s<< density is only 0.7g/cm3, or 700kg/m3 for those…

    The possessive of “it” is ITS – no apostrophe! When I find one of these in any text it automatically says to me that someone is not paying attention. Just because they are scientists, not journalists writing does not excuse them.

    Cf. Lynne Truss’ best-selling book on punctuation, EATS, SHOOTS, AND LEAVES.

    Pyracantha from “Electron Blue”

  2. D’oh! I’m the author of the blog πŸ™‚

    I’m normally quite pedantic about these things – particularly there, they’re, their, your, you’re and, of course, it’s, its. But sometimes, in a hurry, these things do happen πŸ™‚

    Cheers for pointing that out, and I’ll edit it now!


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