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LaTeX font help

by Michael Nielsen on June 5, 2009

I use the excellent LatexRender WordPress plugin to generate mathematics on this blog. Generally it works very well, but for the last couple of posts the math fonts have sort of faded, for no reason I can determine. I’ve fiddled around trying to find a fix, but no luck so far. If anyone has any ideas why this might be the case, I’d be most obliged if you could leave them in comments (or email me:

Update: Problem rapidly solved, thanks to Steve Mayer, who wrote the plugin. Thankyou, Steve!

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  1. Two things to try:
    1. Generate png instead of gif. Do this by changing “gif” to “png” in the line in class.latexrender.php
    var $_image_format = “gif”; //change to png if you prefer

    2. Comment out the 6 lines at the end of class.latexrender.php which start with unlink and make a new post. Have a look at the various files generated in /tmp. Do the dvi, ps and gif/png files show faded images? If the problem is only with gif/png then experimenting with the formula density might help
    var $_formula_density = 120;

  2. Thankyou, Steve, that solved the problem – seems to have been the gifs, for reasons I don’t understand, as I haven’t had problems before.

  3. Glad that worked. I am only guessing, but it’s possible an automatic server update to GhostScript or ImageMagick may have caused the change.

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