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by Michael Nielsen on March 10, 2008

Sean Caroll and Chad Orzel both have posts up asking readers to suggest new blogs in comments.

Let me ask the same, but with an added twist: what are your favourite specialty blogs? What do you think is a really great and insightful read, but maybe in some unusual area? Know of a great blog on knitting (or Lego, or kite-flying, or marathoning, or publishing, or whatever)? Please leave it in the comments.

One thing I really enjoy about blogs is that I get to read stuff from experts on pretty much any subject. I love reading about economics (e.g., John Quiggin, Brad DeLong and Greg Mankiw), marketing (e.g., Seth Godin, HorsePigCow), writing (Confident Writing), libraries (John Dupuis, Science Library Pad, Google Librarian blog), machine learning (Machine Learning), and lots and lots of other subjects. Pretty much every subject in the world can be fascinating, providing you’re talking to the right person!

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  1. Actually, having just looked through it to see what you already read, I plan to raid your blogroll!

    But here are a few you might like:

    Open…: Glyn Moody, tech journalist covering F/OSS and Open Everything Else

    Open Access News: Peter Suber and recent addition Gavin Baker are the go-to guys for all things OA

    Freelancing Science: Pawel Szczesny, bioinformatics and general thinkiness

    A Blog Around The Clock: Bora Zivkovic, community manager for PLoS ONE, first blogger (that I know of) to publish original data on a blog, editor of The Open Lab, co-founder/organizer of the NC Science Blogging Conference, all-round good guy (and — disclaimer — friend of mine)

    Useful Chemistry: Jean-Claude Bradley coined the term Open Notebook Science to describe his lab’s practice of almost-real-time, 100% no-insider-information research publication using blogs and wikis

    The Parachute: Jan Velterop was instrumental in BioMed Central’s early success, directed Springer OpenChoice and recently became CEO of KnewCo

  2. Michael Nielsen permalink

    Thanks, Bill! Those are some great suggestions.

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