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by Michael Nielsen on January 28, 2005

I’ve changed the design of my site around a bit, mostly to install the links on the sidebar. Let me know if anything looks broken in your browser. I certainly can’t claim any aesthetic merit (I trust that is obvious), but I’d least like all the text to be visible.

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  1. You haven’t made any yet, but the longer extended entries may not show fully on mouseover in Firefox.

  2. Michael Nielsen permalink

    Thanks for the comment, Seb. Is it speculation, or do you think that for some specific reason about my choice of colours or layout that you’ve noticed? I ask because I won’t have access to Firefox over the next week, but I ought to be able to make simple changes to my colour scheme will I’m away.

  3. Looking at your list of interesting links, I thought you might be interested in:

    String Theory: An Evaluation by Peter Woit
    Similar in spirit to Sheldon Glashow’s article.

    Symmetries of Everything by Thomas Larsson
    “I argue that string theory can not be a serious candidate for the Theory of Everything, not because it lacks experimental support, but because of its algebraic shallowness.” Ouch. Also I might have read wrongly but he seems to say that the standard model’s U(1) x SU(2) x SU(3) arises from some deep mathematics. Although the math seems kind of over my head at this point.

    And lastly:
    Structured Procrastination by John Perry
    Very interesting remedy. I think he speaks rightly. All those ‘motivate yourself’ etc methods seem really laughable in comparison. SP in action – my mom wants me to help her with some house chores but I’m writing these comments instead 🙂

    Oh and btw thanks for putting up those slides!

  4. Michael: No, it’s because Firefox truncates link mouseover text to about 100 characters by default.

  5. Michael Nielsen permalink

    Thanks, Seb. I’ll try to keep that in mind when I put links up.

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