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Basic papers on cluster-state quantum computation

by Michael Nielsen on January 17, 2008

Cluster-state quantum computing is an extremely interesting approach to quantum computing. Instead of doing lots of coherent “quantum gates”, as in the usual approach to quantum computing, cluster-state quantum computing provides a way of doing quantum computing with measurements alone. This is surprising from a fundamental point of view, and also turns out to be surprisingly practical – in many physical systems, but especially in optics, it seems like cluster-state quantum computation might be a lot easier to do than regular quantum computing.

Anyways, here’s a collection of basic papers on cluster-state quantum computing, which pretty much mirrors the papers I used to give my students as a way of learning the basics. It’s in no way meant to be complete, or slight anyone, or whatever – it’s just a starter pack describing a lot of the basic ideas.

(As will be obvious if you click on the link, I’m sharing this collection of papers using a website I’ve been developing, the Academic Reader. Suggestions for how to improve the sharing of collections of papers are welcome.)

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  1. spk permalink

    Dear Dr.Nielson,
    I’m a student interested in reading up on cluster states. I am unable to access the papers here. Could you please make them available?

  2. I closed that website some time ago, and I’m afraid I no longer have the list.

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