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by Michael Nielsen on June 18, 2004

I’ve had an exciting week personally, with the news that I’m to receive an Australian Government Federation Fellowship. This is a very generous Fellowship scheme (described here), and I’m incredibly pleased and grateful to have received it. I was also extremely pleased to find out that my fellow quantum physicist Howard Wiseman (at Griffith University, also in Brisbane) was a recipient this year. Any scientist who’s ever thought, even remotely, that they might have an interest in moving to Australia, should definitely check out the scheme.

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  1. Congratulations, Michael!

    And to think that I was once the drunk guy in the back row of the freshman pure maths lectures you were also in. You’re the Federation Fellow and I’m a journalist… it all makes sense now…

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, David and Seb.

    It’s actually news to me that you were drunk, David. So at least you were discrete!

    In first year I was lucky enough to have an excellent lab partner (they were assigned randomly) — he was a nice guy, reliable, with lots of common sense. The only minor difficulty was that we had labs on Monday afternoon, and he turned up _badly_ hung over — I’m talking the shade of green that makes you wonder if someone needs a doctor — a half dozen times or so, after what must have been huge Sunday nights out. Fortunately, the person running the lab was kind enough to let us reschedule on those occasions.

  4. And duly deserved! Rock on, Fellow Nielsen!

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