Polymath wiki logo

Many people have contributed striking logos for the Polymath wiki. It seems to me that there’s now enough suggestions to have a good conversation about which logo to use, and (perhaps) how the logos could be improved, if that’s what people want. I suggest having that conversation at the talk page for the logo.


  1. I like this one (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/126293/polymath-v1.png), but the others not as much. It would help if we had names/identifiers for them to assist discussion.

    How about just throwing up a new logo everytime the wikipage gets loaded? Nobody says we have to have just one, and it would emphasize the “poly” in the project.

  2. Something with mathematical characters, clifford algebras etc.?
    Just an idea… could do with some photoshop magic


  3. I’m also not wild about any of them, but I find it hard to say why. I think the best explanation I can think of is that they are insufficiently compact — they look more like words than logos. Maybe one could make a logo just out of a $latex \pi$ and a $latex \mu$.

  4. @gowers – The \pi-\mu idea sounds like it might work well, if anyone’s willing to put something together. My favourite at present is http://ixitol.com/PolyMath4.jpg – do you strongly dislike the suggestion?

    (I’ve copied the original remark and this reply to the discussion page on the wiki.)

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