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Quantum games

by Michael Nielsen on October 25, 2004

Two interesting posts by Daniel Davies at Crooked Timber on a topic that is likely of some interest to many readers of this blog: quantum game theory.

In particular, Davies discussed whether protocols like those allowed in this paper by Cleve, Hoyer, Toner and Watrous can be said to involve communication or not. I’d comment at more length, but have to run.

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  1. It looks like you have an HTML typo, and only link to the first one.

  2. HTML fixed. I shouldn’t have posted in such a hurry. Thanks, Cosma.

  3. dsquared permalink

    Subtle and important distinction, Michael; my argument is that the games involve communication, not that the quantum protocols do. Matters because the game is an abstract mathematical entity while the quanta aren’t.

  4. Wow. That discussion is almost more painful than experiences I’ve had trying to convince people that they should switch in the “Monty Hall Game.”

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