Technical notes on Bloch’s theorem and Bravais lattices

[pdf]: Bloch’s theorem and Bravais lattices

More technical notes, this time on a completely different topic: Bloch’s theorem. Bloch’s theorem gives some powerful general information about the eigenstates of a Hamiltonian which respects the symmetry of some lattice. I’m trying to learn the basic principles of condensed matter physics at the moment, and Bloch’s theorem appears to be one of the foundation stones, thus these notes.

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  1. Your technical note helped me a lot in understanding Bloch’s theorem which i needed for understanding the basics of nanomechanics. I appreciate greatly your effort of keeping technical notes on web which i think will surely help students.

    Thank you,

    Sunil Patil,
    Research Assistant,
    Mechanical Engineering Dept,
    University of Toledo,

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