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The pleasures of a summer workday

by Michael Nielsen on June 6, 2008

I get to sit in my office, which happens to overlook a lake and park, watching the Canada Geese troop their ever-so-cute goslings around. And I get to see unsuspecting walkers in the park run like the dickens when they’re suddenly attacked by extremely angry and vicious goose parents.

What are the pleasures of a non workday? I get to walk around the lake and park, admiring the ever-so-cute goslings, and running like the dickens when I’m attacked by the extremely angry and vicious goose parents.

Both have a peculiar charm, although the workday version involves much less heart-pounding and adrenalin.

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  1. The Vlad permalink

    Well, that sounds a lot more pleasant than the view from my office: three computer monitors and a desk in front of a white wall.

    The Vlad

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