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What I’m imbibing

by Michael Nielsen on August 16, 2007

Commenter Martin points to the January 2007 issue of Physics World, which contains lot of very interesting information about Web 2.0 and Science. In a similar vein, Corie Lok has some thoughtful recent reflections on getting scientists to adopt new tools for research. Finally, let me mention Jon Udell’s interview with Lewis Shepherd, talking about the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s use of wikis, blogs, Intellipedia, and many other interesting things. Some of the challenges he faced in bringing such social tools to Defense are similar to the problems in bringing them to science.

On a completely different topic, let me mention a fantastic presentation about green technology given earlier this year by John Doerr at the TED conference. I’ve been working my way through all the online TED talks, many of which are really good. While I’m at it, I may as well plug the Long Now talks, which is also a great series, with talks by people like Danny Hillis, John Baez, Stewart Brand, Jimmy Wales and many others.

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  1. Martin permalink

    Glad you enjoyed it. this might be a better link – the archive one is subscriber only.

  2. The DoD runs on PowerPoint. Should that change, it could only be for the better. But it won’t.

  3. Michael Nielsen permalink*

    Thanks for that, Martin. I’ve now updated the link.

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