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A logo for the Polymath wiki

by Michael Nielsen on February 14, 2011

The Polymath wiki needs a logo. Can you suggest or even design one?

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  1. polymath lover permalink

    How about Vitruvian Man?

  2. Thomas Sauvaget permalink

    Hello, just found out this request, so I’ve added three contributions (PNG format, public domain).

    If any suits your needs, feel free to use it without attribution. I’ve made them quite large on purpose, they can always be resized through HTML or even a standard image editor.

    Btw, thanks for setting up the wiki in the first place, which made the whole thing possible!

  3. @Thomas – Nice! All three suggest the collaborative spirit. Personally, I especially like the last one, although it seems a bit pixellated somehow.

    @polymath lover – Nice suggestion. Vitruvian man seems almost like the archetypal polymath.

  4. Thomas Sauvaget permalink

    Ok I’ve added three more to have further choice: two are similar to that third one but less pixellated, and one uses the Vitruvian Man. I won’t have the time to do more I guess…

    (PS: the avatar which appears near my name in the previous comment isn’t me actually, might it be possible to remove it? I suspect it’s because I had given as non-email, which may have been used by someone else on this blog before before…)

  5. I’ll think up something over the next couple of days. I’d really like to contribute. Coming up with a good idea is harder than the actual execution of a nice logo. So this might take a bit of thinking…

  6. @Thomas – Those are all great additions. I think I like the map one best so far, although the Vitruvian one has a clean look that is attractive.

    @Ricardo – That would be great!

  7. Aaron F. permalink

    I’ve added a new suggestion! Lots of nice ideas so far… personally, I like the more simplistic ones.

    Here’s maybe something to keep in mind. The logo box in the top left corner of the wiki pages isn’t very big, so we should think about about how designs will scale down. It might even be worthwhile to make two versions of each design: a small one for the top left corner, and a large one for the main page.

  8. Michael, You could get one done at 99designs/com. you get lots of designs from multiple designers submitted , all with different ideas and you choose the best one. I use it all the time. (I dont actually own the site BTW!) . Its expensive but I think it’s a very clever concept.

  9. MArcello permalink

    I have a proposal (see ), eventually it could have a small simple “polymath” texted under.

    Sadly I am not able to sign up/log in in the wiki and edit the logo discussion. Can you do it?

  10. Hi Marcello — I had wiki signups disabled, due to spam. But it’s now re-enabled, so you should be able to sign up and contribute to the discussion about the logo. Neat image!

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