The Third & The Seventh

I’ve watched the video below more than a dozen times over the past year. It’s a nearly fully computer graphics piece, entitled “The Third & The Seventh”, made by one person, Alex Roman (AKA Jorge Seva):

It is, I think, the most beautiful piece of art I’ve seen that was made during my lifetime. It’s not just the technical merit, although there’s plenty that’s jaw dropping. But even if was not CG, I would think it astonishing. He has an eye for beauty, and an ability to show things that I, for one, otherwise wouldn’t see. Amazing.

It’s worth watching in full screen, with headphones on. If you have a projector and a good sound system, I recommend watching it that way. Here’s the vimeo link, where he has links to other videos which share some information about how he made it. There’s lots of commentary about the video around on the web: I found this interview with Roman interesting.


  1. Michael, this is an astonishing video! I literally spent several minutes after the video watching to find my lower jaw. I never even noticed when it detached, fell, and hit the ground.

  2. Wow. That was really quite stunning. I love his detailed scrutiny to the properties of surface material, light, shadow and transparent media.

  3. This is seriously incredible! Truly a masterpiece. I looked at @Bob McNees link and that too is really unbelievable, that so many people in fact couldn’t believe it was pure CG. It’s really nice to know that a lot of people are given much talent and skill like that, and sharing their talents to everyone truly is inspiring. Thanks for sharing this Michael! 😉


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