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by Michael Nielsen on July 28, 2004

Several new entries on the blogroll, worth checking out: Aporetic, Daniel Lemire, Electron Blue, the GeomBlog, and View from the Corner of the Room. a

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  1. Gosh, thanks. But all I’ve got up is Illinois politics and some self-indulgent stuff about pet subjects… And strangers invited to visit! I’d better go write something good, now…

  2. Thanks for putting my “Electron Blue” on your Blogroll.
    After reading your “Principles of Effective Research” I am wondering how much of this would also be applicable to an artist’s work. An artist is much more likely than a physicist to work alone, though. After reading your essay again I will think more (and perhaps comment more) about research and art.


  3. Mary: “all I’ve got up is Illinois politics and some self-indulgent stuff about pet subjects.”

    Aside from the Illinois politics, how does this differ from almost any other blog? 🙂 I enjoy your blog as is!

    Pyracantha: I’ll look forward to any comments you post. I sometimes explain physics research to non-physicists as being at least somewhat similar to being a writer or artist – it’s a creative activity; it requires long periods of work on one’s own; it often involves great uncertainty, and sometimes suprise. It’s not a very perfect analogy (and may be based on misapprehensions on my part), but I do think there’s something to it.

  4. Just testing the comments, after some permissions problems.

  5. Suresh permalink

    thanks for the reference: I can already see people being channelled from your blog to mine :). I have been following your articles for some time now…

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