Building intuition about PageRank (video)

This is a video accompaniment to my post on building intuition about PageRank:

The video is a re-recording. The first recording, which had a live audience, failed, and so I decided to re-record. I was surprised at how difficult it is to speak to an empty room – I prefer a good discussion, with people asking clarifying questions and so on. In any case, the video for the next post should be with an audience.

The post is part of a series about the Google Technology Stack. The posts are designed to be self-contained, even as they build toward the overall goal of understanding may of the fundamental technologies used at Google, and so the video will hopefully make sense without watching the video for the earlier post. There’s also a FriendFeed room for discussion here.

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  1. hi! right now, i’m watching yout video; i want to learn applied math, pagerank map reduce and so on. could you share with me your bookmarks about these topics? thanks in advance.

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