Georgia Tech, Duke University, and University of North Carolina

I’ll be speaking about open science at events at Georgia Tech, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina over the next few days. Here’s my current schedule of public and semi-public events:

  • Events on Monday, October 3, at 11:30am and 3:00pm at Georgia Tech: details of both events.
  • Event on Tuesday, October 4, at 4pm at Duke University: details.
  • I will be at the University of North Carolina on Wednesday, October 5. I am not currently doing any public events, but let me know if you’d like to meet, and it’s possible something can be arranged.


  1. Good Evening Dr. Nielsen-
    My name is Miguel Perez and I am an upper level graduate student at UNC-CH in the department of Physics and Astronomy. I am working on the theoretical aspects of quantum algorithms, algebraic quantum theory, and their overlap with topos theory with Professor Jack Ng and Professor Ryan Rohm. I am looking forward to your talk at Duke tomorrow, and I saw that you left open the opportunity to meet on Wednesday in Chapel Hill. May I ask who is hosting you so that I might have the opportunity to talk to you?


    Miguel Perez

  2. Hi Dr. Nielsen,

    I was in attendance at the UNC talk (very enjoyable). I was interested in BuzzData, and how social tools are intersecting with open science. We are looking at leveraging social web, and ideas like social software development (e.g. GitHub) as an overlay to federated data grids, as in the DataNet project

    Your thoughts on this were a nice start at this conversation here!

    Mike C

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