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Porting to WordPress

by Michael Nielsen on March 29, 2005

Thanks to Peter Rohde for porting my blog and webpage to WordPress. There will be some tinkering over the next few days, as I settle on a style I’m happy with. Comments are welcome.

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  1. Looks nicer, except that the side loads way too slowly!

    You might need to be on the watch for comment spam problems with WordPress.

    I just found out about the change as I realized that the RSS feed I used to browse your blog with, was not being updated 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kaveh. I hadn’t realized about the side loading way too slowly. I made some changes, and hope it’s better now(?)

    Thanks for the warning about comment spam, and the comments on RSS. Is there a problem with my feed?

  3. It does load faster now, and the feed is just fine!

  4. The link of feed at the bottom of page seems wrong. there is “feed:” before “http:”

  5. Yan: That seems to be WordPress’s default behaviour, which I’m reluctant to fiddle with, not knowing anything about RSS. Anyone else have the same problem caused by having “feed” in the link?

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