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The OTHER Millennium Prizes

by Michael Nielsen on March 18, 2005

As is well known, the Clay Mathematics Foundation is offering seven million dollar “Millennium Prizes” for the solution of some of the most important open problems in mathematics.

The Australian Mathematical Society is running an interesting series of articles in its Gazette (see here, and look in the March 2005 and Nov 2004 issues) proposing an eight, ninth, etcetera, problem, all the way up to Hilbert’s number of 23 problems, presumably to be published about 6 years from now.

Would-be millionaires be warned, however, as the Gazette comments that “Due to the Gazette’s limited budget, we are unfortunately not able to back these up with seven-figure prize monies, and have decided on the more modest 10 Australian dollars instead.”

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  1. “Millenimum”?

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    There are two n’s in millennium…

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