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Public talk about open science in San Francisco

by Michael Nielsen on June 22, 2011

I’m pleased to say that I’ll be giving a public talk about open science in San Francisco, next Wednesday, June 29, at 6pm. The talk is being hosted by the Public Library of Science, and there will be wine, beer and cheese after the event.

The talk is entitled “Why the net doesn’t work for science – and how to fix it” [*]. Here’s my abstract for the talk:

The net is transforming many aspects of our society, from finance to friendship. And yet scientists, who helped create the net, are extremely conservative in how they use it. Although the net has great potential to transform science, most scientists remain stuck in a centuries-old system for the construction of knowledge. I will describe some leading-edge projects that show how online tools can radically change and improve science (using projects in Mathematics and Citizen Science as examples), and will then go on to discuss why these tools haven’t spread to all corners of science, and how we can change that.

The talk will be thematically similar to my recent talk about open science for TEDxWaterloo, but will go much deeper into the challenge and promise of open science.

For more details on the talk, including the address and a map, please see the PLoS blog. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Hope to see you there!

[*] The title is a riff on the wonderful phrase “making the web work for science”, which I believe originated with James Boyle. For a recent talk on the subject by Boyle, see here (see also Creative Commons’ work on science).

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  1. Alan Nolan permalink

    The talk is entitled “Why the net doesn’t work for science – and how to fix it”…

    …I can’t find the link to the live stream of this event so I can make the net work for me – is there one?

  2. I know PLoS is planning to record the talk, but I don’t know if they’re livestreaming it, or when the link will go up, I’m afraid.

  3. Jeffrey F. Naughton’s home page now links to the slides from his 2010 plenary lecture to the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) … Lance Fortnow is among the many researchers who has posted links to Naughton’s slides.

    Michael, to the extent that your San Francisco lecture articulates how open science (in whatever form it evolves) can address the challenges that Naughton’s ICDE plenary lecture raises, then your lecture will find a ready-made and hugely appreciative audience (including me).

  4. That’s a great keynote, John. It’s not much related to my talk, but for anyone who’s reading along, here’s the link (recommended):

  5. I hope it’ll be recorded and posted on the web!

  6. I too am hoping for a on-line version of Michael’s PLOS talk … slides would be great and a video even better.

  7. @fundageek I’d also really like to see an online version of the talk!

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