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Visiting Europe

by Michael Nielsen on August 27, 2011

I’ll be in Europe for the next couple of weeks, and will be giving several talks about open science. Here’s a rough schedule of where I’ll be and when:

Please come and say hello if you’re at one of the events!

I’m interested in adding more events to my schedule, so if you’re interested in having me speak, or would like to arrange for me to attend some sort of meetup (perhaps with a group), please let me know (

I’ll add more details over the next couple of days, as details become available.

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  1. Any Copenhagen plans?

  2. @Anders: Unfortunately, no, I’ve no plans to be in Copenhagen.

  3. @Michael, I hope you you will post links to your lectures’ slides and/or text and/or video.

    Also, when will your new book Reinventing Discovery appear? Soon, I hope! 🙂

    When it comes to open science, maybe it’s less essential that people agree on what it might be, then that they talk about it might be … and so I think your lectures and writings are important, and hope that you will share them widely.

  4. Hakim permalink

    Any update about the Berlin time and venue?

  5. Not yet. The person organizing the talk is working on it.

  6. Earl permalink

    I’d like to know the details of any Berlin based talks! I’m in a quantum group here and will pass onwards the details if there is something happening.

  7. Hi Michael,

    I received a communication from my department (atmospheric physics) at Oxford University that says you’ll be in Oxford on 8th-9th and will be giving a lecture. I would have loved to attend and have a chat with you, but I’m currently on vacation until 12th. Do you already know where you are going to be on 12th-13th? Thanks, and hope to meet you on another occasion!

  8. @Luca – I’m afraid I’m not yet certain, although I will probably still be in England.

  9. @Earl – There will definitely be a Berlin talk, but I am still waiting on details. I hope to have them in the next day or so, and will update the post accordingly.

  10. @John – The book is out October 21! I quite agree with your comment about the need for people to talk broadly about open science.

  11. Definitely post Berlin details ASAP. I know a lot of my colleagues at ResearchGate would be interested in checking it out. We’re big on open science and have developed a pretty massive online network of researches. Let me know and I’ll spread the word for your talk.

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